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Gavin’s Course

Filed under: General — derek @ 2:32 pm

I was interested in seeing some real student blogs. I googled KIB809 which is one of gavn’s courses and quickly found a raft of them. Lots of comments about how students are feeling about the course. You sure would get a good feel for what’s ‘working’ and what’s not.
Some quite deep reflections at times. Looks lke lots of fun. I wondr if we could use some sort of tagging functions to tag posts of ‘value’ for asessment purposes. Clck - view al the posts we have noticed that may contribute to a grade.
Or do we get students to provide the view. (In portfolio?)
I also found the essay/blog comparisons interesting. When we di our blogging-dabbling last year we let an anything goes plicy aply (in coparison to the discussin board stuff that is much more formal) Well done Gavin!!

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