On a serious roll!

In General on 25/1/2006 at 9:50 am

Update: I forgot to mention that Andy Tsintas (also known as Andrew Tsintas, MFT etc.) deserves to be recognised for much much more than simply cleaning a river as a cub scout. I mean, the man is a legend of the street, an urban warrior and a mean motherf***er to boot!

Well last week was great, for many reasons, and quite wonderfully they have nothing at all to do with why this week is possibly even better, cos yesterday we found out that we’d managed to get this beautiful beautiful mud brick / timber / surrounded by gum trees house that’s about 1k from my step-daughter’s primary school and only 15k from the CBD. Check it out :)

Our new house

Just don’t ask me to do anything too demanding today… the sparkling Aussie was flowing just a bit freely last night!

  1. Looking forward to nights of me and you chillin on the deck and putting the world to rights . Ahhh cant wait ! No more sparkling wine for a while though dear , Im suffering !

  2. Looks just amazing James! You’re turning into a real Aussie you know – any time now we’ll discover you’ve got a billabong too. Congratulations, I’m green with ennvy.

  3. As a man who’s photo of his house looks a LOT like yours but with a timber house, and at the riskof getting you down…..three things:

    1. buy a chainsaw and a long ladder
    2. watch the news, also known as “get a fire plan”.
    3. Get a dog….also known as “snakes dont like dogs..”

  4. Congratulations, James!

  5. Wow James – well done! Looking forward to my invite over even more than before ;-)

  6. Wow – James – looks very Dandenongoidal of you. Megacongrats! Mud brick looks all good. Can I humbly endorse Lindon’s comments… esp the fire plan, it’s a force beyond reckoning…


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