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CoP and Informal Knowledge Transfer

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Informal Knowledge Transfer by Eric Sauve at Learning Circuits.

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The reality is that in many industries in which situations change rapidly, formal learning once or twice a year doesn’t provide employees with the experience or knowledge they need to find ongoing success on the job. This means that organizations must revamp their budgets and shift their resources from formal learning settings to informal situations in which the majority of learning actually takes place. (A recent study from Forrester Research detailed the rise of social computing—interactions continued through online or other technological means— and its impact on e-learning indicates that more than 80 percent of adult learning takes place outside of the classroom.)

Eric suggests communities of practice (CoPs) as a solution.

On the process side, there should be a focus on setting short- and long-term goals for the community and ensuring there’s an ongoing plan in place that anticipates many of the common issues associated with their setup and maintenance. Questions that should be considered upfront include

  • What communities will offer my organization the highest potential return?
  • How will we find and train community leaders?
  • How will we continue to engage new users after the launch of the community?

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March 21st, 2007 at 8:58 am

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