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Syndication for Intranets

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Headline Syndication for Intranets by Amy Gahran, at CMS Watch

So you have an intranet. Perhaps it’s supported by a costly and complex content management system. It’s full of rich, useful content that could enhance many types of projects and collaboration throughout your enterprise. Unfortunately, most peoplewithin your organization probably only access a small, narrow portion of the of that information. They aren’t aware of what the rest of the intranet can offer because they don’t browse beyond their normal “info-grazing” range.


Webfeeds and Your Intranet
If you aren’t already using it, you’ve probably at least heard about a new online communication channel: webfeeds (RSS or Atom format). Also called headline syndication, webfeeds are a way to announce and provide access to your content. They also allow easy syndication of content from outside sources to your intranet. Consider that this publishing option is:

  • Direct
  • Time-saving and convenient for users
  • Completely spam-proof
  • Can be automated as part of your existing intranet publishing process

Amy suggested some content Strategies for Intranet Feeds –

  • Create general in-house webfeeds
  • Integrate content from external webfeeds into your intranet
  • Syndicate in-house content across departments (or between different sections of your intranet)
  • Custom feeds specified by individuals
  • And here what she forgot to mention in the CMS Watch article

    Organizations which are just getting started with publishing their own webfeeds and which also have an intranet might consider debuting webfeeds internally, before publishing them to the outside world. This can serve three important purposes:

    1. It can help generate enthusiasm, understanding, and support for webfeed publishing throughout your organization, which can enhance your later external webfeed-related efforts.
    2. It can aid the inevitabletroubleshooting and fine-tuning that happens with any technology-related project, in a quiet internal way.
    3. Internal webfeed subscribers and enthusiasts often come up with great new ideas for how webfeeds might be put to good use. Welcome their creativity.

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