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What making us stupid?

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2 days after the BIG news got released, ‘Google now can search within Flash swf files’ [link], I found out 3 Flash developers of my company are NOT aware of the fact at all. When I mentioned the news, within few seconds they gathered  all the facts  about it via Google! I was thinking about this typical Gen Y style of information gathering pattern.

The way we find what we need ‘now’ at Google age is great. But it works only in the cases of when we know about what we don’t know. Without a regular ‘reading habit’ (RSS or old school books too), a habit of gathering knowledge beyond the domain of ‘now’, we can’t possibly know – what we don’t know.

Serendipitous learning is absolutely necessary, even at Google age. 

BTW – in case you missed the heavily discussed article by Nicholas Carr, here it goes -  Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Written by anol

July 3rd, 2008 at 3:34 am