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Web based RSS Reader : a comparitive study

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The marketplace looks like this :

RSS Reader

A nice comparative study of the web based RSS readers at Modern life is rubbish

Flash news from Steve Rubel

Newsgator has rolled out a beta RSS reader for phones that support J2ME (a flavor of Java). This includes Blackberries. The reader is in partnership with Freerange Communications and syncs up with Newsgator’s servers. This ensures that what you read in one place won’t show up in the other. Newsgator launched a reader for Windows Mobile devices earlier this year.

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November 29th, 2006 at 7:37 am

Asynchronous Communication is better sometimes

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Shawn from Anecdote pointed out this cool video of ‘When the collaboration goes wrong’ rather when the conversation leads nowhere!

The Video describs how a collaboration between Rob Fulup and Michael Schrage goes out control and then got back on track with assistance from Bernie DeKoven.

The ability for collaborators to sketch diagrams as a way to create and communicate ideas has considerable advantages over collaborating using a discussion forum approach that relies predominantly on text . The key difference lies in the fact that a diagram is co-created and its meaning is developed through the interchange between the collaborators. The meaning of words, however, are generally predefined and significant effort is required to convey accurately what you mean.

Shawn added

In the case of Rob and Michael they used a software tool that enabled them to capture and prioritise their ideas and project them on a wall. Nothing new there. Mindmanger could be used, for example. I think the real transformation was facilitated by Bernie as he asked questions, rephrased statements and gently guided the conversation.

From my personal experience in project management – sometimes collaboration equals to, really – ‘bouncing the idea’. Group of people sit together and bounce the idea to each other – without reflecting and the conversation goes nowhere! Yes – Mindmaps help. Also – sometimes – using asynchronous tools such as project management blog (PLOG: see here and here) or even version control supported web based word processing applications (like we use Writeboard by 37 Signals as part of Basecamp) . It might sound funny – but we are able to finish offshore projects faster with that kind of virtual, asynchronous project management and discussions, rather than ‘local’ projects – where face-to-face meetings are very easy to schedule!

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November 27th, 2006 at 12:23 pm

CSS Resources

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Some good and great CSS resources (clearing out my ‘to blog later’)

Top CSS Tips –

Useful tips for writing efficient CSS from 456 Berea Street

A Collection of CSS Stylesheets For Web Forms – The Form Assembly

CSS Rounded Corners ‘Roundup’ from Smiley Cat Web Design

CSS-Based Forms: Modern Solutions from Smashing Magazine

Prettier Accessible Forms A List Apart articles

Super-Easy Blendy Backgrounds A List Apart articles

Starting with HTML + CSS

CSS drop shadow

CSS Styling for Print and Other Media – Digital Web Magazine

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November 24th, 2006 at 12:12 pm

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Is Knowledge Management dead?

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Dave Snowden wrote an excellent mini article : Whence goeth KM? A must read!

…the objectives of KM theory and practice persist and will continue to be of great importance. They are clear, simple and important and can be summarised as follows:

1. To support effective decision making
2. To create the conditions for innovation

What went wrong?

…KM as a subject is now inextricably bound up with IT. If you look at the US and UK conferences they have all been combined with technology events (content management, internets etc) in order to attract in the sponsors. Most of the academic literature I review deals with the technology aspects of KM. .

The SECI model was a great way of explaining a particular aspect of Japanese industry, but a very bad general model of KM. It focused on the container not the thing contained (tacit in people, explicit written down), it led people to believe that you could make tacit knowledge explicit, and then make it tacit again simply by reading material. Early attempts at KM focused on removing dependency on people, “extracting” their knowledge into databases and organising it into neat and tidy taxonomies

People tried to create standards and certify competence in a the subject. Most of the people who did this (and are doing it) have little pedigree in the subject, they are professional trainers.

Where are we going?

Well I think the future is bright. With the benefit of hindsight we will be able to say that KM was the discipline that first challenged the mechanical metaphor of BPR and the top down driven values of the LO movement. It made possible the wider integration of science with management and with learning from the humanities Sense-making and social computing are its natural inheritors and both are stronger for the last ten years journey. Hopefully the name will stay around for some years yet, but the strategic focus is now elsewhere.

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November 24th, 2006 at 12:01 pm

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Innovative campaign by SIM for Executive Management Courses

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Returning from lunch today – just below our office building at Robinson Road – this unusual ‘garbage box’ caught my attention. (photos taken with my mobile phone camera – please excuse the fuzzy quality.)


As if some guys in office attire are dumped in the garbage bin and it’s written over there –
“Stay current with corporate training …Or else….”

A boy, dressed up like garbage cleaner was distributing a leaflet, I took one. It’s an advertise campaign from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) for executive management courses! Cool! The leaflet looks like this and the same thing repeated there too (“Stay current with corporate training …Or else….”)




Followed the Website address mentioned there – and there is a flash based edu-game “Are You Relevant?”



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November 22nd, 2006 at 8:52 am

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