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When Weblogs Can Be Harmful

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When Weblogs Can Be Harmful By Michael Feldstein at elearnmag

Do “more” and “faster” always mean “better”? Promoters of weblogs and other personal publishing tools are correct to point out that we are approaching a historic moment when we will be able to gather far more information about what people know much more quickly. In the abstract, this is a good thing. But does it always lead to the practical effect of better decision-making? I think not. When it comes to sharing information, “more” and “faster” don’t always mean “better.” In fact, sometimes, they means “worse.”

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August 28th, 2004 at 11:46 pm

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Blog Addiction

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You Know You Blog wayyyyy too much when… from Weblog Tools Collection

… you post the wrong article on the wrong blog.

… your family prefers to interact with you through your blogs.

… you met your girlfriend/boyfriend through a blog.

… your “blog community” is much, much larger than the number of people you know in real life.

… you consider yourself an “alternative journalist”.

… you start your day by checking your blog stats.

… a day without blogging seems like a month without food.

… your feedreader is open all day.

… you get more “approve this comment” email messages than spam.

… you know what RSS stands for and you know how weak the medium is.

… people worry about you when you do not post anything for a day.

… work is the little time you spend in between writing on your blog and IRC.

… my pagerank is bigger than yours!

… invalid XHTML is a bad word to you.

… you check your blogshares weekly, more than you check your savings account.

… you’ve gotten your parents to blog.

… your dog has her own page on Dogster and it gets updated!

… Kubrick is no longer just the legendary filmmaker

… you have to switch hosts to keep up with your bandwidth needs.

… you make more money from blogging than you do at your day job.

Thanks: Conversations with Dina

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August 27th, 2004 at 11:45 pm

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More Blog Tips

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How to Start a Blog – By Phil Windley
Some very practical guidelines – To quote

  • I recommend that you not tie yourblog too closely to the corporate infrastructure of where you’re presently employed since you may go somewhere else and your blog ought to go with you
  • I recommend that you register your own domain and point it at your blog. That way if you ever decide you want to use different blog software or move to another service, you at least stand a chance of keeping things intact. For this to work, your domain has to show up in the permalinks for your blog entries.

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August 27th, 2004 at 11:43 pm

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Independant vs collaborative learning

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When do we need independant rather than collaborative learning? by Evan Straub

…this topic of successful collaborations being a hinderance is interesting to me. It led me to wonder whether all the corporate rhetoric of people who want “team players” and people able to collaborate really want collaborators, or people who know how to divvy up tasks and go work in isolated corners until they come together (which I don’t see as collaboration). The latter are are looking for people who are aware that they should comb their hair and brush their teeth and not throw things in a public meeting. The former are a rarer breed – not one that I would think is typically found in the corporate world where the demands to complete tasks are more important that spending a lot of time working together.

Via: incorporated subversion

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August 27th, 2004 at 11:41 pm

More on Usability Enhancement and RSS

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Alan Levine (cogdogblog) suggested –
‘Don’t limit yourself to Bloglines as a link- Use QuickSub, a nifty free add on that lets users select from a list of RSS aggregators to do a click-subscribe.’

Done! Thanks Alan.

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August 26th, 2004 at 11:39 pm

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