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‘Affordance’ is a term popularised by Donald Norman and refers to the properties of any object that can be acted upon. Norman specifically discriminates between two aspects of affordance. The first is simply what properties an object has that can be acted upon, eg an electronic button can be clicked, while the second is the perception of these affordances by those using such objects, eg does the user know that an electronic button will respond to some sort of mouse event?

Because blogging is extremely granular it becomes possible to connect parts of blogs into larger wholes. This is an affordance of blogs, made possible by its granular architecture, which has influenced (and in turn been influenced by) the features that blog Content Management Systems have developed and support.

Video’s perceived affordances, for makers and users, is as a container and playback environment for continuous, enclosed, and linear time based media. However, if video is considered to be granular, using the example of blogs, then its perceived and actual affordances may change.

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