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Blogwalk and things

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Well, another blogwalk has been and gone. If I’d known what a blogwalk was I’d have gone, but that’s life; up until Sunday it was all a bit of a mystery to me. I did locate by accident the blogwalk site on Saturday, but merely stashed it on my Firefox toolbar to look at later. Pity really, as seeing who ran the site would have saved an embarrassing question to Sebastian on Sunday morning after breakfast as we sat in the middle of a huge field discussing the meaning of bloglife . . . The queston was . . .

“Have you ever been on a blogwalk?” :-|

Here is a picture of the fine looking Blogwalk bunch whom I passed on the sidewalk while snapping the urban grafitti and human life of the area . . .

The image has been treated of course to comply with the privacy and publishing laws of Canada, the US, Aussie and New Zealand, but probably not Ubekistahn. This is to protect the identity and location information in the original snap. It is a nice snap, and if anyone wants a copy they can e-mail me. :-)

I have returned to an alternate reality, not online and full of things I must do. Returned quite late actually (we had a medical emergency on the plane and had to divert to Auckland, got in at 3.30 rather than 12.00 midnight.)

I will add this blog to my feeds. Quite a nice little cadre of papers from Blogtalk DU. This was great. I came asking what we needed to do for our country. I am going to start with an invite to all bloggers living in my suburb to coffee, human interfacing and computers at the local library. Hpe to get some cat bloggers, local environment freaks and the local MP. [Will worry about the rest of NZ later]

Hey everyone, it was nice to meet you, even in the paucity of time for chat, it was good. I have a follow up list of 8 writers and many websites . . .

Anne and James - I hope you feel pleased, it was well worth doing. I trust you recover soon. :-) Many thanks. - D

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