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Blogtalk Downunder » 2005 » February

Blogtalk Downunder
   May 19-22, Sydney


Conference Hotel - What a deal!!

Filed under: Accommodation — ABB @ 12:28 pm

We’ve found the perfect hotel!!
Thanks to lots of hard work and negotiation skills from Nicole or Louise at Spencer Travel, we’ve managed to secure special rates for conference delegates at the Vibe Hotel in Rushcutters Bay!

From a location perspective - it just can’t get any better - the hotel is only 2 minutes walk across the park to the Yacht Club!!

Here’s the deal:
Rate - per room per night - A$130.00
(It’s normally A$290.00)

How do you book?
Contact Trevor at Spencer Travel
email address: trevor at
Phone: + 61 2 9281 5477

Make sure you identify yourself as a delegate with the BlogTalk Downunder conference.
Trevor will require your credit card details to guarantee your room booking.

** Book now ** This is a special deal - the hotel will only allow us to offer this rate up until the 27th April - so don’t hesitate - book now!!!
After the 27th April the rate will increase - so avoid the additional costs!

Trevor can also assist you with any additional travel arrangements you may have!

Travel Arrangements

Filed under: Travel — ABB @ 12:28 pm

Our preferred travel agent
Spencer Travel are a specialist travel agency located in Sydney and can assist you with any arrangements you need - from flights to accommodation!

For international flights and arrangements - contact Trevor at
For conference accommodation - contact Trevor at
For domestic arrangements - it’s probably cheaper to do your own flights online - but anything else within Australia - contact Caroline at

The team at Spencer Travel are wonderful at negotiating special deals and meeting all your needs - you name it - I bet they can arrange!


Call for Sponsorship

Filed under: General — James @ 2:28 pm

OK, now we’ve got a great venue, great invited speakers and great abstracts… it’s time to ask for interests in sponsorship.

Consider this:

-We’ll be releasing all of the papers progressively up to the conference beginning through this site (huge link / blogging potential)
-We’ll be getting serious press from all the major Australian newspapers and several well respected international online publishers
-This site will remain online for the foreseeable future (we’ll probably use a new domain for the next one so that’s potentially for ever)
-We’ll be attended by major players in business and academia from Australia and beyond
-We’re hopefully going to announce shortly some amazing presenters / panellists that’ll create a heck of a buzz

We’re interested in all kinds of sponsorship from ‘limited’ ads on the site to sponsored posts to co-sponsoring the laptop satchels for attendees and the conference dinner. We can look into media/press arrangements too. We’ve priced the conference pretty much as low as we can so every little helps, if you’re in a University think of it as supporting research and innovation (it’s also entirely non-profit!)

All inquiries to me please, james [at] incsub [dot] org

[Might take me until Tuesday 7th to get back to you]



Filed under: General, Registration — James @ 4:26 pm

Download the registration form here

*** Special offer - Book (or get to refer you) 5 people and get one registration free ***

We’re going to be at the best venue in Sydney and that we have some of the most interesting invited speakers out there coming to Blogtalk.

We’re also going to have one of the most stimulating and engaging conferences you’ve ever attended AND we can now tell you that it’s quite possibly going to be the most affordable to boot!

That’s right, two whole days will set you back a measly 175 AUD, that’s about 135 US or less than 75 GB. Crikey!

So, registration is now open - we’re simple folk so just download this word document, fill in the details and then email, fax or post it (details on the .doc)

Check out the workshops available too!

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