And the nominations for the 2006 international Edublog Awards are…

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Thank you all for your patience. This years nominations have poured in from edubloggers worldwide – and the results, as I’m sure you will agree, are pretty outstanding. My condolences to the many, many high quality nominations who didn’t make this years finals: there were plenty of worthy contenders who would have been equally at home here representing the best that the edublogosphere has to offer. Please do enjoy checking out this years finalists, recommending them to colleagues and above all – voting!

This year I’m rolling out the votes with the posts, as well as providing an overview page, which is where the winners will eventually be announced. This means that you can vote for the categories you want or are most interested in – although I hope that you’ll explore all of our shortlist. Is someone missing from the category? Feel free to build on the resource by mentioning them in the category comments. Do also get in touch at the awards email address – - if you review category shortlists on your own site, interview finalists, or create any other kind of post that would help enhance this years award.

Voting is open from now until Midnight GMT Saturday 16 December 2006 – a mere week away. Winners will be announced on Sunday 17 December – more details very shortly!

Please visit the new homepage for The Edublog Awards

Last week for nominations!

Please visit the new homepage for The Edublog Awards

Only a week left to make sure that your favourite blogs, bloggers and projects are nominated for the third international Edublog Awards!

Please do help spread the word – huge thanks to everyone who has posted about them so far. Nominations have been flooding in – again – many thanks for taking the time to make such a valuable contribution - and the shortlist will be announced on the 2nd December. Nominations call and procedure here.

Please visit the new homepage for The Edublog Awards

Edublog Awards 2006 - nominations open

Please visit the new homepage for The Edublog Awards

I’m delighted to announce the third international Edublog Awards – the independently run, community-based awards programme which recognizes and promotes excellence in the educational use of social software.

As the reality and potential of distributed learning and distributed learner identities and communities are increasingly acknowledged, articulated and understood, education moves further towards facilitating truly learner-centered and learned driven environments.

A lot has changed in the world of educational technology since this time last year. The continuing rise and mainstreaming of easy to use network-as-platform applications, and increasing access to affordable online speed and space, have seen the continued expansion of users of all ages creating and communicating online.

Learners and educators still however face difficult issues around network restrictions, around data protection and ownership, and around commercial protectionism. This year has also seen a marked increase in hostility towards social networking sites in the US, demonstrating a widespread lack of appreciation of the informal and formal educational value of user-centered applications.

The Edublog awards are more relevant than ever in this climate – a space for us to refocus the debate surrounding young peoples use of technology as irresponsible, dangerous or illegal, and look at the positive, powerful and transformative work which continues to be demonstrated.

This year there are ten categories:

  • Best audio and/or visual blog
  • Best group blog
  • Best individual blog
  • Most influential post, resource or presentation
  • Best library/librarian blog
  • Best newcomer
  • Best research paper on social software within learning and teaching
  • Best teacher blog
  • Best undergraduate blog
  • Best wiki use


Again, nominations are made confidentially. Please email in your nominations to the awards address:

Only current edubloggers are invited to nominate contenders. If you post publicly, and produce some content related to education, you are recognized as an edublogger for the purposes of this competition and are eligible to nominate. Please include your blog url with your nominations.

Each participant is able to make a maximum of two nominations per category. Self-nomination is perfectly acceptable, but you are encouraged to nominate the blogs, projects and papers that you genuinely believe to be outstanding examples of practice. Please list your nominations in order of preference. You may enter the same person or site for more than one award.

Nominations are open from 8 November to 30 November. When you have decided on your nominations for all of the categories you want to propose, you can cut and paste the template provided into the body of an email, complete it and send to the awards email address:

The most popular, eligible nominations in each category will be available to vote on from 2 December to 14 December. Winners will be announced live at a special broadcast awards ceremony currently scheduled for 15 December 1500 GMT.

Good luck to everyone! Let’s build an irresistible argument!

Josie Fraser

Please visit the new homepage for The Edublog Awards