Please visit the new homepage for The Edublog Awards

Please comment here if you are willing to support the edublog awards by offering a prize or prizes for categories, in return you’ll get a link and image in the sidebar as a sponsor.

Please visit the new homepage for The Edublog Awards


  1. James Farmer Nov 23

    Ok, well, me first up :o)

    US$10 to the best designed / most beautiful because I need inspiration :O)


  2. ismael Nov 23

    I’d like and give US$10 to the best education for development blog, but there’s no such category :(

    So, I let it on the prize organization’s decision to give it whether to Research or Administration categories :)

  3. Josie Fraser Nov 23

    ICTology would win that one anyway Ishmael! I’ll give £10 sterling to the best library/librarian blog.

  4. Rob Reynolds Nov 23

    I will will give $20 to the best use of weblogs within teaching and learning. There are so many good candidates these days that it will be a tough choice.

  5. Alex Halavais Nov 24

    I’ll put $10 toward the best research blog.

  6. James Farmer Nov 24

    Will put links up asap, in the meantime if you’ve got an image you’d like me to use please email it to james [at] incsub [dot] org

    Cheers, James

  7. Natalie Dec 14

    Thank you James, Alex and everyone who organized this and who voted. I am delighted to be one of the winners in such good company. The net is endlessly amazing.

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