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  1. Tama Nov 23

    For 2004, surely the blog collection Into The Blogosphere(also using blog architecture) has to be my nomination!

  2. Jill Nov 23

    What’s a blogged paper, anyway?

  3. Josie Fraser Nov 23

    Derrick Morrison, Auricle for
    E-Learning Flexible Frameworks and Tools: Is it too late? - the Directors Cut
    and Learning Material Repositories - Rafts or Battleships? - Part 1 & 2

  4. Scott Leslie Nov 23

    Stephen Downes, “The Buntine Oration: Learning Networks”

  5. James Farmer Nov 23

    I guess it’s a publication that has either been blogged or done the rounds in the blogosphere… either way when it comes to voting I figure peoplw will make up tehir own mind.

    Good questions knocking around though… really helping in forming some ideas for this!

    Cheers, James

  6. Anonymous Nov 27

    Stephen Downes, Educational Blogging

  7. Anonymous Nov 29

    Well, you bet I’m glad to see Educational Blogging in nomination… I will add This post from Martin Roell who inspired all of us in 2004…

  8. Mario Asselin Nov 29

    Sorry, I just forgot to put my id; the recent nomination was not anonymous…

  9. Michael Feldstein Nov 29

    The Eyetrack III research got a little play in the blogosphere and it certainly is interesting stuff.

  10. Eric Behrens Nov 29

    I second the nomination of Eyetrack III.

  11. Lilia Dec 3

    Bridging the Gap: A Genre Analysis of Weblogs: it’s controversial, has been criticised a lot by lack of understanding of blogging culture, but provides a bit of cold shower for bloggers researching weblogs by showing our stereotypes about average weblog :)