IncSub Logo / Icon Competition

I may have spent hours and hours putting together the new site but graphic designer I am not and consequently the banner looks like, um, this:

So here’s the challenge, using the real estate above (we can change the background colour too if you want (web colours only though please) and incorporating the online learning and development side of things can you come up with a new logo / icon for IncSub?

I’d like it to reflect (somehow) the principles behind incorporated subversion (more on that here), our focus on learning & development online and, um, look as snazzy as Lee LeFever’s (you don’t know how much I envy his icon & cards :o)

As a prize I’m happy to offer 3 months of free hosting through an IncSub 1 plan, credit on the homepage and some serious good karma!

Please send through all entries to james [at] incsub (dot) org. I’ll keep it open for 7 days, closing at 12PM AET on Monday April 11th.

(or post it here as a comment… good idea Anthony :o)

10 Responses to “IncSub Logo / Icon Competition”

  1. kevin Says:

    hey bro. I have some thoughts on this.
    we have mad ui skillz

  2. James Says:

    Excellent, looking forward to it :o)

  3. Lee LeFever Says:

    Aw shucks James, thanks for the kind words. I can’t take credit myself… it was my friend Anthony that did the handy work. I’ll point him to the contest…

  4. John Blake Says:

    Hope you like the logo I sent you. I can tweak the colors if it would help.

  5. Anthony Says:

    Not sure what you are looking for but maybe these quick ideas can help.


  6. James Says:

    Thanks for that both of yer, Anthony I like the second one on the bottom a lot but the colour / shaping could be a bit different (maybe the whole thing could be a bit flatter)… beautiful blog btw & thanks again!

  7. Anthony Says:

    Maybe something more ?

  8. Anthony Says:

    oops, Like This Link

  9. James Says:

    Cool as… definitely getting better, I like the curve bit too! Interesting idea putting the ’sub’ beneath, and the ;corporateisation’ of the inc, do you think the positioning throws it a bit though? Do you think there’s enough room for another node on the bottom right too?

    I sooooooooo appreciate your work here BTW, great stuff!

    Cheers, James

  10. Anthony Says:

    With those tweaks LINK